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“Ausadha Ayurvedic Incense, premium grade. Prepared according to an ancient ayurvedic recipe. According to the texts it helps soothe the nervous system and mental disturbances, and has an alluring effect. It has been found to be effective in reducing the symptoms of epilepsy and nervous twitching etc. It is natural, hand-ground and free of artificial chemicals. Due to the merits of offering incense to all buddhas and bodhisattvas of the ten directions, may all sentient beings attain the sweet scent of perfect morality. OM AH HUM OM AH HUM OM AH HUM”

Approximately 75 grams

The Dhoop Factories Incense is some of the cleanest fragrance of most Tibetan. This incense is made from the only the highest quality selected plants and extracts from the Himalayan mountains of Nepal, Tibet, India, Latvia and Australia. Completely free of artificial aromatics or dyes. This line has a quality of being very clean in fragrance and is not muddied by the addition of too many other ingredients. Entirely hand processed to retain maximum aroma. Packed in handmade, recycled and lokta-paper boxes.

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