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Tibetan Medicinal Incense. These beautiful incense sticks are hand-made using a traditional Tibetan extrusion process, and slowly dried avoiding direct sunlight.

All ingredients are organically grown, chemical-free, entirely natural and hand-processed to retain maximum aroma and medicinal effects. High speed grinding is not used. Gymnadenia orchidis is an ingredient in all the incense. It is a powerful tonic and relaxant similar to Ginseng in its properties, and is widely used in Ayurvedic and Tibetan medicines.

Contains 7-10 sticks in each compartment, depending on thickness of incense. Premium Gift Box contains a beautiful, circular, wooden incense holder for burning the incense

A selection of some of the finest Himalayan incenses in the marketplace. The incense comes in an attractive hand-made lokta paper gift box and contains seven varieties of the 100% natural Dhoop Factory incense. Gift set now includes:

Medicine Buddh

Approx. 60 to 70 sticks. There are 7 – 10 sticks in each compartment (depending on thickness)

The Dhoop Factories Incense is some of the cleanest fragrance of most Tibetan. This incense is made from the only the highest quality selected plants and extracts from the Himalayan mountains of Nepal, Tibet, India, Latvia and Australia. Completely free of artificial aromatics or dyes. This line has a quality of being very clean in fragrance and is not muddied by the addition of too many other ingredients. Entirely hand processed to retain maximum aroma. Packed in handmade, recycled and lokta-paper boxes. Hand crafted in Nepal.

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