Nefastos: Fosforos – Astra Vespera – Special Edition


A study on the Being & Essence of Satan.

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Fosforos – Astra Vespera – Special Edition
Johannes Nefastos

This valuable occult study delves the student of the Left Hand Path into a comprehensive philosophical system providing a Study on the Being & Essence of Satan, exploring topics such as the Philosophy of God, Philosophical Anthropology, Eschatology, Metaphysics, Cosmology, and various other subjects of Satanism and Mysticism that will guide the serious seeker to form a complete worldview. With the aim of total unity and of understanding opposites, considering even the most wrathful arguments of the downward path of the soul’s death in an unbiased way, Fosforos seeks to build on the fundamental doctrine of Oneness: the quintessences of both the Right Hand Path and the Left Hand Path are herein joined into one amalgam, as they have always been in the heart of a true aspirant.

Fosforos includes:
Part I: Polyharmonia – The Philosophy of Oneness
Part II: Discordamelior – The Philosophy of Perdition
Part III: Necrosophia – The Philosophy of Death
Part IV: Pentagrammaton – The Consistency of Man and the Practice of Magic
Part V: Cista Mystica – The Symbology of Satanism
Part VI: Legifer & Clavis Magica
Appendix I: Hieroglyphic Key of the Seven Principles
Appendix II: After Death

The six different parts of Fosforos each approach from a different perspective the core ideas of the text, namely Satan and the Occult science of Magic. Despite its paradoxical and labyrinthine manner of expression, often using totally opposing arguments to understand and live for the great whole, Fosforos is not written to be just another theoretical study of the Left Hand Path, philosophical treatise, or Satanic Manifesto, but rather is a work for devotional and practical living, should the reader choose to aspire on this narrow path of Ascension.

The translation is based on the revised Finnish edition, including the commentary given in the form of extensive footnotes and forming “the seventh book” of Fosforos.

Deluxe Silk Cloth binding in a highly decorated slipcase. Astra Vespera edition has been bound to silk cloth and comes with an exquisite design, which was particular designed for the special edition; one side pressed in white and other side blindstamped showing black and white dragons.
Each book of this special edition is finished with gilded silver page edges and a white bookmark ribbon.

Number of pages: 220
First press 2013
Publisher: Ixaxaar
Language: English


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Mitat 26.8 x 19.5 x 3.3 cm