Nefastos: The Catechism of Lucifer


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The Catechism of Lucifer
Johannes Nefastos

The Catechism of Lucifer represents the Gnostic form of Satanism. This books outlines the path out of worldliness and theology, which is mortally wounded by its false theodicy, and even out of humanity taken as something small-minded, powerless and petty.

The book consists of 80 pages of religious texts, devotional prayers and insightful studies about magic and the use of religious sacraments. First English language edition ever made, original Finnish edition was published in 2003.

The title has been sold out for a long time from the publisher Ixaxaar, but some copies are available from Viides Askel. Small-sized hardcover book in black fauxleather.

Number of pages: 80
First press 2013
Publisher: Ixaxaar
Language: English


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