Unseen Fire II


Varasto loppu


UNSEEN FIRE is an annual publication of the Star of Azazel. This book-like publication contains a collection of articles by members of the brotherhood with effective illustration. Writings on the second Unseen Fire intertwine under the theme of elemental world; in particular on plants, animals and the element earth.

Articles included:

Frater Jiva:
Askr and Embla as Öndvegissúlur: Forging the New Human

Frater Obnoxion:
Leviticus and Beyond: Philosophising by Sacrificing

Soror Heith:
On the Red Aspect & Gardening

Soror Vanadís:
Feminine Creation Myths in Finnish Mythology

Frater Obnoxion:
Hounds of Melancholy

Frater Kenazis:
Sacred Plants: Amanita Muscaria

Frater Sebomai:
The Prophet and the Ass: The Story of Balaam’s Talking Donkey and its Mystical Significance

Soror Heith:
The Magical Qualities, Religious Use and Role of the Alder Tree Among the Finno-Ugric Peoples

Frater Nefastos:
Our Relation to the Animal Kingdom and Vegetarianism

Limited edition of 250 copies. 157 pages, thick black covers with a silver foil sigil on the front. Fully illustrated.


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Mitat 23 × 21 × 1,5 cm (senttimetri)