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The Star of Azazel books available to North American audience

The Star of Azazel’s lodge Phanes has opened an online shop for distributing SoA literature to our North American audience. Located in Vancouver, Canada, Protogonos distributions sell our titles to US and Canada.

Protogonos distributions will stock all of currently available titles of SoA; some of these may be sold out elsewhere. Please check the website for our current stock.

Protogonos Distribution



Unseen Fire II: Flora, Fauna & Terra

UNSEEN FIRE is an annual publication of the Star of Azazel. This book-like publication contains a collection of articles by members of the brotherhood with effective illustration. Writings on the second Unseen Fire intertwine under the theme of elemental world; in particular on plants, animals and the element earth.

157 pages, thick black covers with a silver foil sigil on the front. Fully illustrated.

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Recent Arrivals

Nefastos: ARGARIZIM: The Fall of Lucifer – Iconic edition
Greene: SATURN – A New Look at an Old Devil
Ervast: Tähtikoulut
Ervast: Valoa kohti
Ervast: Esoteeriset opetukset
Ervast: The esoteric school of Jesus
Olcott: Näin puhui Buddha
Blavatsky: Mitä on okkultismi?
Ervast: Jeesuksen salakoulu
Ervast: Pahan voittaminen
Ervast: Suuret uskonnot



Recent Arrivals

The Magus
The Lesser Key of Solomon
John Dee’s Five Books of Mystery
The Key of Solomon the King (Clavicula Salomonis)
Leo, Alan: Esoteric Astrology
Levi, Eliphas: Transcendental Magic
The Sworn Book of Honorius
The Clavis or Key Magic of Solomon
The Book of Abramelin – A New Translation
Hall, Manly P.: The Secret Teachings of All Ages
Hall, Manly P.: Lectures on Ancient Philosophy



Now Available:

ARGARIZIM: The Fall of Lucifer
by Johannes Nefastos


ARGARIZIM continues studies where Fosforos left off; disclosing a deeper understanding of the Luciferian gnosis, one that is not focused on carnality or egotism, but on the pursuit of true realization concerning the essence of Satan and the philosophy of the occult, focusing in this book more specifically on areas that otherwise are rarely treated in general LHP literature. The book concentrates, amongst other topics, on the influences of emotions, as connected to aspects of Cardinal Sins, within the advancement of the initiate, explaining the differences between satanic paths and their progressive and regressive effects within the spiritual context. Dangers of the astral realms in connection to interactions with their denizens and the different states of the Spirit in the afterlife are also amongst the varied occult topics addressed, making this book most valuable for the students that have experienced the trials of the Mortification phase and that now reach for deeper and higher understanding concerning spiritual evolution as it is perceived within the author’s Brotherhood of the Star of Azazel.

Regular edition, hardbound book, 139 pages. Publisher: Ixaxaar.
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Unseen Fire I


UNSEEN FIRE I is an annual publication of the Star of Azazel. This book-like publication contains a collection of arcticles of the members of the brotherhood with effective illustration. Recommended to all interested in the philosophic basis and the spiritual practices of the Star of Azazel.

Articles included: 

Fra Nefastos: Rosary of Azazel
Fra Nefastos: Opening of the Gates
Fra obnoxion: Aspects of Azazel
Fra Jiva: A Comparison Between the Theosophic Septenary and Old Norse Metaphysics
Fra Kenazis: Suffering – The Gift of Satan; Perspectives of Suffering
Fra Sebomai: Devotion to Satan
Fra Sebomai: Devotion to Lucifer
Fra Sebomai: Devotion to Azazel

127 pages, fully illustrated Limited edition of 370, each hand–numbered

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Demons’ Cube T-shirt

New Viides Askel t-shirt is here! Artwork by Vesa-Antti Puumalainen. The design is from “Demonien kuutio” (Demons’ cube) by Johannes Nefastos. “Demonien kuutio” is included in the book Kirjoituksia magiasta (Writings on Magic) published by Viides Askel in 2014.

Demons cube t-shirt

Fruit of the Loom valueweight t-shirt (100 % cotton), white print (front) on black t-shirt.
Available sizes: S, M, L, XL & XXL, and in ladyfit S, M & L.

Price: 15 euros + postage.



Webstore update

We have added to our webshop more shipping options for our international customers. From now on, customers may choose cheaper unregistered choice for letter delivery when ordering.

Earlier all shipments outside Finland have been sent as certified mail, but due to extra high postages of Finnish postal service, we offer chance to our international customers to order without a tracking code by their own risk. It is quite safe to send unregistered mail within Europe, and mostly to Northern America, but we take no responsibility for lost or damaged shipments.

In 2016 Viides Askel will publish some titles in English (for example, the new edition of Fosforos). This is why we try to offer more customer-friendly postages for interested people – especially to those living in beforementioned areas. Upcoming titles include some paperbacks, so their will be cheaper anyway.

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